GARDÉNIA curtain specialist shop
Shop introduction


The GARDÉNIA curtain specialist shop began to operate in 1991, in the city of Komárom. The image and supply of the shop changed continually in the last 19 years for satisfaction of our customers. 

Our main products and services: 

Retail and installation of curtains, curtain decorations, draperies, scatter cushions, table cloths, tweezers, curtain brooches, magnetic ties, slanting hinges, curtain-rods, vitrage-curtain rods, café rods, rings, slides, ribbon curtains, window-shades, venetian blinds and other accessories.

Advising, assessment on the spot, cutting to size, sewing and installation.

The main virtues of our shop:

• Quickness
• Reliability
• Excellent quality
• Good prices
• helpful and professional services
• pleasant atmosphere
• wide range products 

2900 Komárom
Bajcsy Zs. street 10


Tel: +36 209 612 544
Fax: +36 34 347 183