• tourist service
  • programme planning
  • advising
  • realty sale
  • foreign and domestic sale
  • representation and full scale administration of foreign ventures and investors
  • representation of Hungarian companies of DONAU TEAM in Slovakia
  • tourist service
  • advising
  • realty and trade service
  • programme planning
  • investor and business partner exchange

Dr. Márta VEZÉR Lawyer
Dr. Márta Vezér lawyer
  • Business affairs (formation, modification, liquidation, full scale legal representation, claim registration, etc.)
  • Civil organizations (formation, modification, liquidation and full scale legal representation of foundations and associations)
  • Realty affairs (drafting legal instruments, registry of title deeds, administration at banks and authorities, etc.)
  • Law of labour affairs
  • Civil rights affairs (drafting legal instruments, legal representation, etc.)
  • Assuring company seats
  • Periodical revision of levers, structural, main and safety inspection, expert examination, administration. Preparing the specified documentations, their replacement and management. Putting machines into operation.
  • Preparation of risk assessment of companies, ventures, levers and other machines. Full scale labour safety management of companies and ventures.
  • Fire-protection management and advising related to the above-mentioned topics.
Gardénia Curtain Specialist Shop
Gardénia Curtain Specialist Shop
  • Retail and installation of curtains, curtain decorations, draperies, scatter cushions, table cloths, tweezers, curtain brooches, magnetic ties, slanting hinges, curtain-rods, vitrage-curtain rods, café rods, rings, slides, ribbon curtains, window-shades, venetian blinds and other accessories.
  • Advising, assessment on the spot, cutting to size, sewing and installation.